Friday, March 22, 2013

Emma's Fundraiser Update - Thank you!

Sorry Eric, me again crashing the blog...

We have raised $14,000!! 
The generous response to Emma's Fundraiser Thursday and even before was overwhelming. I have to admit I didn't really know what to expect when I began the planning for Emma's Fundraiser. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to pull everything together, to those people who made generous donations for the auction, to those who bought and sold raffle tickets, and finally to those of you who made the effort to come, bring food or wine or to donate in another way. Thank you! We are touched and truly grateful for all you have done to enable Emma to make her leg long and strong again. These funds will go directly to covering Emma's physical therapy costs which are not covered by insurance.

Thank you for making a big difference in a little girl's life!! It is 3 weeks into Emma's journey and she has already gained almost 1cm in length. Not without a few tears but Emma is brave and determined.

My sincerest thanks,


Congratulations to the Raffle Winners!
3 IPOD's Blue, Yellow & Green
1. AC Morange  2. M VanDerVoort  3. Anik

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