Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 27- Swim Lesson 2

Tuesday 3/26/13

Em had a great night. I did some late night pin cleaning which is getting harder as she's not taking as much medication so she stirs a bit more. Just a longer process at this point but I have a feeling this might be a short term solution to the inevitable blood curdling screams I'm going to have to face once the meds are done. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying for the best. Great day overall with Em enjoying her day at PT with Don and home for a nap. Check out her split below (Super Brace doesn't allow her to go any lower). She did ask Don if she could run and jump and he said no to both at this time- she was bummed out by that but still pushes the limit of walking really fast and hopping- telling me she's not doing anything wrong and Don won't get mad at her. Too cute but scary at the same time!

Teagan and Maddie enjoyed getting their heads dunked in the pool by the swim Nazi. Mom came home horrified once again but more for another Mom that had the lesson after who was wiping away tears for the half hour she was there just hoping her child survived. Not sure if we'll be seeing them at the pool again anytime soon! Mom said Teagan was a champ and Maddie got through it. Teagan will most likely be the fish of the family, although Em is a pretty strong swimmer for having a cinder block attached to her leg. I now do not doubt that both Maddie and Teagan will be swimming by the end of the week. I'd sign up Em for a class if I wasn't afraid this woman wouldn't just walk away saying you can keep your money when Em sank to bottom. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's report!

The family went to the Burke's this evening for a nice dinner and the kids had a great time doing arts and crafts and playing in Grace's room. The never ending battle of the sleep over and promises it will happen, continue. Thank you Mandy, Kevin and Grace for a great evening.

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