Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 19- All good

Everyone loaded up in the loser cruiser this morning and brought Maddie to her first day of school. Maddie didn't want Mom to leave at first but settled in and all was good. The big excitement for the morning was Dad getting pulled over by the police man doing 37 in a 25. I honestly had no idea what the speed limit was or that he was even standing behind a tree with a radar gun until he jumped out in the middle of the road. Of course I didn't have my drivers license but explained I was lost and babbled a number of other crazy things and he was more than happy to tell me have a nice day.

Great day at PT with a stellar report from Don! Then Kevin, Mandy and Grace came over for nice dinner prepared by the Riso clan. Grace almost had her first sleep over but Mandy wasn't quite ready to cut the cord. The girls just couldn't fall asleep fast enough- maybe next time. I can't blame her after spending the amount of time that she has with this group! She knows her little angel will be safe if she's sleeping when she leaves and gets back in the morning before Grace gets up!!! Just kidding with ya Mandy!

Thank you Chrissy and Violet for the special delivery! Em loves her doll and all it's clothes!

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