Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 18- Happy St. Paddy's Day

We had the usual night of turning struts and the half hour of coaxing Em into taking her medicine and another 15-20 minutes of waiting for it to kick in. This is usually the worst 1/2 hour to an hour of the day and its pretty bad. Mostly, I think, because she is so tired and out of it but we get through it.

The girls woke up to the leprochan making a mess of the house with his lucky charms and turning the milk and toilet bowl green. At least he left a few special treats. I'm sure Grammie would have strangled that little green bastard if she could have caught him.

So after a little breakfast snack we left to meet up with Uncle Bruce and Barbara for brunch at the Hilton. Then to their pool for some swimming. The girls had a blast. Maddie could touch in the shallow end and was able to swim without her life jacket. Teagan was fearless as usual, jumping off the stairs and letting herself float around giving everyone a heart attack. They both are signed up for swim lessons next week in which the instructor (from N. Conway NH) states that both girls will be swimming by the end of the 5 sessions which are 15 minutes each and she doesn't get in the pool. Em loved splashing around and doing some pool therapy. We said our goodbyes and the girls crashed on the way home. Dad, Em and Teagan took a good afternoon nap while the Riso's cooked a delicious corn beef, cabbage, potato's, carrots and soda bread dinner with strawberry shortcake for dessert. Yum!

I'm not sure if I mentioned that when Meme was here on Friday, Em's toe plate (the pink plate with Velcro straps that keep her toes from curling down during the turning process) went missing. The house was torn apart looking for this thing numerous times without any luck. Well with the luck of the leprochan, Grammie found it today! It was hiding in Em's memory box that Craig and Leigh gave to her. Em was showing Maddie all the things that she has been keeping for treasures on this adventure and tried to make her toe plate a memory as well!

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