Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 20- A Night Out

Em had another great day at PT with Grammie and Maddie. I talked to Don about adding some height to her shoe (this is the shoe on the foot WITHOUT the super brace). Crazy as we hadn't ever thought about needing to do anything to that shoe. Don says in 10-14 days is when we'll have to do that. He did state if she wasn't doing everything so well that he would consider it but with everything going perfectly, we could wait and do it once rather than having to keep going back. Take a look at Grace's very cool new shoe (Em's will be just like this- just on the other foot)!

We met up at Aunt Meg and Uncle Jim's house with the Riso bunch and cousin Austin. They brought us out to a great dinner in downtown Palm Beach. The first highlight for the girls was walking around with Grammie waiting for dinner and seeing Miss Piggy on the street. You see, we were at a nice pizzeria in a courtyard where people brought their dogs with them in their little baskets and this one woman had a little pig on the end of her leash. Teagan was so excited she couldn't wait to tell the table what she found! Of course, Amanda loved the people watching and I enjoyed no one breaking anything in Aunt Meg's home (that I know of but she's so sweet she wouldn't tell me anyway). Thank to Austin for entertaining the girls- all 3 were snuggling up to him before the night was out. Lastly, thank you to Jim and Meg for treating this circus to a lovely dinner!

I got Em in the bath, did some pin cleaning and now snuggled in bed with her waiting to turn some struts. Tomorrow is report card day! Big first appt at 2 PM to get X-rays and see the progression. We will also be changing out strut #'s: 4,5 and 6 this week. They are just about maxed out, so they will be replaced with longer ones.

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