Friday, March 1, 2013

1st Night Down

We had a pretty decent night overall. We had some pain but for the most part it was controlled as Mom kept the nurses on a strict pain management schedule. Toughest part was Em couldn't pee which is normal but we were close to having to go the catheter route. Luckily, she completed the mission in time! Emma's being amazingly strong and doing a great job. She has asked to take it off a few times- maybe a little more than a few but feel like we are making headway. She's up eating fruit loops (my choice!) and pancakes which is her first meal and a good sign! She will have a few visitors today which I think will she will enjoy. Will keep you posted.


  1. Good to hear...glad She is eating..always a goodd sign. I bet her visitors are excited to see her!!! :)cf

  2. Happy to hear Emma is doing well. I am sure the girls will be glad to see each other. Prayers are being sent up for Emma, her entire family, and especially her medical team taking care of her. Keep up the good work Emma. Anita