Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 4- PM!!!

So Mom, Madison and Teagan go to the store and Grammie and I are hanging with Em who is supposed to take a nap. I go SSS and Grammie starts yelling my name and I ignore her to see how she'll handle the situation. I come down some time later and she's all calm and tells me how Emma was on the side of her bed (blow up matress on the floor in the living room) with her feet on the floor trying to get up. Grammie asked her what she wanted and she said to walk. Grammie went to get her walker and Emma said "What is that? Let's wait for dad".
So awhile later mom and the sisters return from the store and our cousins show up with dinner (Kim, Karoline and Karlie). Thanks for everything ladies! Of course the kids are so happy to see their older cousins and just want to play. They play for awhile, make cookies, eat dinner and then...
Hold the phone.
I know in my last post I was talking about Emmy walking out of the hospital if we could just get that damn bottom plate and you all are looking at these pictures of a little girl in a hospital bed with her eyes half open or being tugged around in a little red wagon and you're saying to yourself- he's just a typical parent thinking that his kids are the best and can do anything, which is true but trust me when I tell you Emma will do whatever she wants, whenever she wants.
Anyway, we all finish dinner and Emma said "I'm going to walk". I said of course you are. Em said "Right now". So I get her down and place the walker in front of her (without instruction) and she walks across the floor. No shit- she walks across the floor- 8 steps. Everyone cheers, claps, high fives, kisses and hugs. Em just smiles and says let's do it again. I say let's relax for a bit (long day, no nap) but she will have none of it. I get her in front of her walker and she's across the floor trying to steer it to go into another room. I ask if she's done and she tells me to turn her around and back at it again! More cheers, claps, high fives, kisses and hugs. I think having her big sister and cousins cheering for her and telling her how great she is was a huge motivator. Truly amazing! Great work babe!!! Video to come. Perfect day all the way around.


  1. Way to go Em! Keep up the good work!

  2. once again, Emma is AMAZING!

  3. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. What a spirited little angel you have Eric and Amanada. So happy she is making such good progress. Luv you all. Auntie Pat

  4. Emma, you are so courageous and such an inspiration! You are doing great and support for you both near and far.

    And Team Emma, you are all so strong too, and we wish you all the best throughout this healing process.

    We are sending you all our positive thoughts for continued progress!

    Love to all of you,

  5. Oh My...what a little trooper you have! She cetainly is a determined little lady... That should make PT and recovery much smoother..than it might have been! Go Emma!!! cf