Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 5- PM

Em woke up from her nap in a great mood. We played for a bit and then the monkeys returned from the zoo. Mom, Auntie Trina, Maddy, Teagan and the special guests of the day... the Vineyard Gang (Uncle Chad, Auntie Ally, Annabelle, Max, and Mackenna)- Emma was so excited! She couldn't wait to show off, ordering me to get her walker. She walked for them for a bit to get the cheers but think she was a little sore from her PT today. She sat on the floor and played with everyone just enjoying being part of the fun. We had dinner, some ice cream (just cherries for Emma) and saw the Metell's off. Thank you for everything and safe travels! The girls took a walk around the neighborhood, got cleaned up and hit the hay. All in all- not a bad day.

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