Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 17- Irish Festival

The girls opened two special delivery's this morning. They played with puzzles, games, painted their bobble heads and got all charged up on some of Dad's favorite candy. Maddie decided to hit the bottle a little early. Thank you McClure's and Malila's!
Next, we all packed up and met up with Kevin, Mandy and Grace and made our way to the Irish Festival in Stuart. It was fun filled with face painting, bouncy houses and plenty of dancing! We enjoyed the Irish Family Band from NY City called MacTalla Mor. They were incredible. Everyone crashed on the way home and straight to bed.

Grammie was busy relaxing all day- doing laundry, washing floors, cleaning bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen as well as some ironing. You know, just your regular relaxing Saturday! I swear as much as this is my therapy, cleaning is hers but I should know that by now.

Side note- I love little people and old people due to the fact that they are honest and these are the ones who ask direct questions about Em's fixator to us or to Em herself. Em always explains to whoever asks that its her Super Brace (she has got that term from Grace) and it's making her leg long and strong. Maddie has been asking her lately if it hurt when the doctors put it on and Em just says nope. Maddie asks if it hurt after they put it on and she says just the blood (meaning some of the pin sites had blood around them as they healed). My point is that everyone else besides the young and old just stare, most likely judge and come up with their own reasoning. I could care less what people think but it may be time for some t-shirts to be made so people get the point. I also get the fact that a fixator isn't something that one see's every day and its intriguing. Some thoughts below for t-shirts (I have many others which are not appropriate so I'll leave them in my head for now)- feel free to comment with yours- inappropriate or not as I think I'll be wearing the most inappropriate one that someone comes up with just for shits and giggles:
"Didn't your parents ever tell you that it's rude to stare."
"Just ask, I'll tell you"
"It looks to me like you enjoy this thing more than I do. You want it?"
"If you spent as much time reading as you have looking at my leg, you'd know what's up!"


  1. Hi Everyone, It's Braden. I love the face paint. It's very detailed and colorful! The weather looks nice which is something I'm looking forward to when we visit. Looks like everyone is having a good time!
    Love you lots.

  2. The pictures of the girls are beautiful! Love seeing them. Yes, Eric you should know by now that your Mom's best therapy is CLEANING! I swear, your Mom and Linda got a special gene that none of the rest of us common folk (who hate cleaning) got! Love to all, Auntie Pat