Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 12- What Infection?

Em and I had a long night. She was tossing, turning, whining and saying it hurts from about midnight til around 1:30. However she wouldn't fully wake up. She just refusing her meds and kept complaining. This has happened before when she is over tired and its brutal. Finally at 1:30 she rolled and over cried "Daddy it hurts!" in that little girl voice that makes me melt. I couldn't handle hearing that so I woke her from trance and explained to her that she needed to take her medicine in which she agreed. She took it and was in pain for another 20 minutes or so then back to sleep. The longest 2 hours of my life. It's hard for me to sleep after that...
Anyway, up at 7 and on with the day. PT came and Em and I ventured out to meet Meredith (no Don today and Em asked Meredith where her friend was that plays with her- too cute). We had a great day with Meredith and then caught up with Kevin and Grace for a bit before heading over to see a PA in regards to her pin site infection.
Jennifer Scott (a Paley patient advocate and a mom who's been through this) stopped by for a visit. It's always great to see her as she has a heart of gold and always the biggest smile on her face. She has given us so much help along the way- contacts for housing, introductions to other families, answering our ridiculous questions and pointing us in the right direction for just about everything. I'm unsure if we've introduced or thanked her in previous posts but she has been a huge support to us, so thank you Jennifer!
As we are chit chatting a PA who's a great guy and someone we are familiar with, as he's been with Dr. Paley and Em since the beginning, walks into the waiting area looking for a patient and I ask him if he can check out her pin sites for me. He does and says all looks good and asked what one I had a question with. I point it out and he assured me that all was good but if it got more red after a day or two or if I had concerns to give him a call and we could start her on antibiotics. I told him we started her on them last night and he told me to keep it going as once they start, don't stop giving it to them. So I guess I jumped the gun a bit but better safe then sorry... What do I know anyway?!?!
This called for a few cocktails so I hit up Kevin to come celebrate as he started Grace on meds for an infection on Saturday and they too were told today that she was in the clear! Yahoo! So they brought over dinner and we all- including the Riso family and Grammie- hung out, played and celebrated! After they left, Em and I did some pin cleaning. I soaked her the tub with Epsom salt for awhile to loosen things up then layed her on a towel on the floor with the Ipad so she could make me a cake. We all love the cake doodle app- thanks Quinn for that intro! Sidebar- we meant to wish you a Happy 40th on the post yesterday and let you know that after the girls sang happy birthday to you on the phone, Maddie made you a cake- which she burned her finger on- see pic of your cake- wicked yummy! Anyway, Em was such a trooper tonight. I took it slow and easy and we had no real issues. Thanks for the new cleaning Kevin! Off to turn some struts! Good night!


  1. Eric You are the best Dad a girl could ask for!! so Gald things are going well, love to you all!!!

  2. Thats the best cake I have ever seen!! Thanks Maddie, miss you and love you little lady! We miss you all and think of you guys all the time. I'm glad all is ok with the pin site!

  3. I am so glad that Grace has her new best friend Emma. What a good blog! Mandy, Kevin, and Grace are grateful for the friendship of your family. From Grace's Nana... Susan Izard