Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 2

The last 3 hours were pretty tough. A few of Emmy's wires (these go through her tibia and fibula) on her fixator were getting caught on blankets and were sharp. So Dr. Paley came in this morning and gave a good report but ordered his fixator mechanic to turn the wires down and out of the way. These are very strong wires and take a great deal of force to move. So Tony the mechanic comes in with his big pliers and twists away. This wasn't very comfortable for Em and Mom almost gave old Tony a round house. Next were the PT ladies. They brought Em down to the play room and made her a boot to protect the bottom of her foot. Emma's been complaining about her piggies ever since so we might need to make an adjustment there. Then came the IV. It pulled out of her hand and needed to be reset. No fun! All this with very little pain meds on board caused for a rough 3 hours. She's fast asleep now and hoping this afternoon gets a little better. We anticipate a protective plate being installed on the bottom of her fixator today as well- just screws attaching it to the frame so shouldn't be painful if she isn't man handled. She did have a little cutie stop by to see her today- she likes Massimo! See picture- Thanks Yvette for permission to post!

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  1. Ohhh...Poor Emma... Poor Mommy and Daddy.... Hope tomorrow is a Better Day!!! What a Brave...Strong little have. is the Grammie holding up..under all this stress??? My thoughts and Prayers are with you ALL...every step of the way. cf