Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 9

Em fell asleep in my lap, in her towel, after her bath last night. I turned all her struts as she was sleeping. As far as I know, all is good with that.

Em and I had a little bit of a rough night sleeping but the sun rose and all was good. We got a late start to PT but Don was ready to roll as soon as we arrived. Em went shopping! She walked through the office with a shopping cart picking up all the items Don had laid out. She did it although a little whinny. Then back to cut up her vegetables as she had we massage and stimulation therapy. Good session overall. Grace came in as her session was ending and we were invited to hang out (if you consider me not leaving invited...). Emmy played for a bit then wanted to do everything Grace was doing. So cute but extra therapy at the same tIme!

Home to wish Auntie Trina goodbyes and Maddie c-ya laters as she went to her cousins for the weekend. Thank you Auntie Kim, Uncle John, Karoline, Karlie, and Little J for taking Maddie for the weekend. Thank you to Auntie Kerri, Uncle Chad, Nola Bean and Baby Lexi for the package and watching the house!!!

Em, Mom and I packed up to go she Grace, Mandy and Kevin for a nice dinner, a night out and some more intel. Thank you Grammie for watching the tornado (Teagan). You see, Gracie's parents are special ops to everyone's favorite TV show so we had to shut down all outside connections to the world and take the tracking device out of Em's leg prior to arrival (JK- inside joke-sorry). We had a wonderful night with some great grub, watching the girls interact and some quiet time (for the OBrien's anyway). I'm pretty sure Grace isn't going to be able to hang out with us again after overstaying our welcome!

Em's home sleeping upstairs with Grammie for the first time so hopefully Grace wore her out tonight and she sleeps soundly. I only had to turn 1 strut tonight so I'm hoping I guessed right and all is good! We are off to a carnival at the hospital tomorrow and will check in once Teagan decides its time to go!!!!

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  1. We (Mark's mom and dad) have been praying daily for you and your family. We know how hard it is when a child is suffering and we are part of that suffering in helping them to get well. What a trouper Emma is! Bill and Pat Girard