Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 8

Em had an early PT appt with Don this morning. Mom, Auntie Trina, Maddie and Emma all went to her appt. They reported that Don was as great as ever. I was a little worried he might be a bear in the morning but guess he's just that good all the time! She had stimulation therapy today which was new for her but didn't phase her a bit. After therapy they went to the Play Mobile Store and had a blast.

She received a few packages today that always make her day! Thanks Grammie Marilyn for the fruit and candy. Thank you to Carter and Brady for the Build A Bear- Em doesn't stop pushing all it's buttons and listening to you guys wish her well- she asked to see you today and wanted to go over to your house. Aunt Meg from FL stopped over for a nice visit and came bearing gifts- thank you. I'm waiting for an 18 wheel trailer to show as my special gift to bring this stuff home!

We got our turning schedule today. What does that mean??? Basically there are 6 struts (screws that turn away from each other) that are numbered and set at different lengths. It's now my job to turn each of these 6 struts according to their dedicated place on the schedule for that day- usually 1 click or a millimeter each day for the next 72 days. From what I've heard, this isn't painful so I'm hoping that is true and I don't mess this up!

Tonight we had an epsom salt bath which she enjoyed. She has these sponges that look like pac man on each post to absorb the discharge and stick like scabs to the skin (this is what Dora got slapped for touching). Each of these just fell right off in tub- thank the good Lord Jesus Christ! I now know your a man because a woman would have held those things tight to her skin to drive me crazy for another night. See you on Sunday, last pew on the left! Anyway, the post/pin sites look good as far as I know. I'm hoping someone with a bunch of letters before or after their name can tell me the same so I can stop feeling like I'm not doing my job! Until tomorrow...

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