Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 14 PM- Fun Day

Mom, Maddie, Em, Mandy and Grace went to a science center and had a blast! Amazing to see the pictures of Em and Grace walking around, on the swings, climbing the stairs, going down the slide, etc...
They returned to have taco night at our place and Dad was late with returning with groceries and to top it off only got the taco shells instead of the kit! Go figure. We made do and it all worked out. Then the kids had a dance party and off to a bath and pin cleaning! I died Em's hair green and taught her some Karate Kid moves (see pic). Just kidding with the hair- we actually received a special package from the Benson's! The girls thank you for all the fun stuff and Dad thanks you for the world famous chocolate chip cookies!!! Tough night for controlling the pain but think it was due to being over tired, having a big day and the turning of all the struts. We survived and ready for Meme to come spend the day!


  1. So enjoying the blog and getting to know your girls better. Keep up the good work, sounds like everything is going in the right direction. Love to all, Auntie Pat

  2. love the wig!! and glad to hear the cookies survived