Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 24- Hot day at the track

The Riso's are on the road- safe travels and we miss you already! Meme and Em had a good night sleep. Thanks letting me try out a real bed!!! Mom and Dad were a little slow this morning but got it together, packed up and headed to meet up with the cousins to watch Seany race- last years champ!!! After watching him race, I want to do it! Em and Teagan couldn't get close enough to the star of the day.

We all went back to my cousin Kim's house for a BBQ and the girls enjoyed the pool and quality time with their cousins.

Thank you John and Kim for the hospitality and Meme for funding the dinner with her big 50/50 raffle winnings from the race (yes we know Kim- you bought the tickets!). The girls crashed on the ride home and an easy transfer to bed!

Special delivery- Thank you to the Towsley's, our west coast connection! The girls colored, finger painted and did Barbie projects all morning. T enjoyed her goldfish! Thank you to Nana and Gramp for the package as well. Maddie loves playing her princess game (when Teagan's not around) and Em is working on the right colors for her bear.

More pictures to come!

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