Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 26- Swim lessons begin

Monday- 3/25/13
Maddie's off from school this week and her and Teagan started swim lessons! From what I understand (I'm not allowed at the pool during lessons) it's a one of a kind, sink or swim, survival of the child, type of lessons. The teacher is no joke and you do not disobey her rules (too many to list). The kids came back alive and still half smiling so all went well! Mom was completely horrified but seemed to keep it together (I think Mom's a little afraid of her too)! We'll see what tomorrow hold...

On the Emma front, all is good! Great day at PT with Don and home for a nap. Em's outfit for PT pictured below! Dad got some work done and chased the little white ball around for a bit before sunset. Life is good.

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