Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 3- PM

Emma had a fun afternoon and evening. She felt great today. No complaining of pain for the most part and happy as a clam (anyone know what makes a clam happy?). The only meltdown was about not getting to see Massimo. Then he stopped by for a quick visit and another meltdown over not being able to give him a kiss. I guess he's not "The Greatest" for nothing. I'll give him a break for now but when he turns 2, we are going to sit down and have a chat.
Grace (the ballerina) was her special guest this afternoon. It was great to see the look on Emma's face when she saw Grace walking on her fixator. So cute watching them interact. Emma, Maddie and TT thank you for the gifts- very sweet! Thanks to Amanda (Grace's mom) for once again taking the time to answer our questions and share all the valuable information from her experiences. We would definitely be lost without the insight of Amanda and Yvette- thank you!!! Also, thank you's to Em's nurse, Lynn, PA- Larry and PT- Mary- for having the passion and patience to deal with psychotic parents and their little angels.

Teagan, Maddie, Grammie and Gramp stopped by for a nice visit as well. We now know that Emma has turned the corner and back to her old self- being sarcastic, bossy and even a little fresh. Such a relief. Grammie took Teagan home after turning this place upside down and Maddie spent a few more hours of quality time with her little sis. If we can get a bottom protective plate tomorrow, I think Emma may just get up and walk out of here. If we can't, I'll be at the hardware store making one as I fear Teagan will seriously hurt Emma's foot. Emma's walker came last night and we were told a wheelchair won't work so we are resorting to the stroller. Just waiting for word on when we will be discharged and looking forward to sleeping in a bed. First PT appt scheduled for Monday at 10:30 am!


  1. I am so happy to hear Emma is feeling better! You guys are amazing!

  2. Hi Eric and Amanda and all of your beautiful baby girls! We are thinking of you here in Swanzey and wishing you all of the best through this time. You are all a wonderful family and your love for each other is so obvious in your words and pictures. Good luck and know that many of us would have made the same tough decision for our babies as you did! Little Emma will be thanking you some day soon.