Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 3

Em had a great night and a pretty good day so far. We did wake up to a screw in the bed and later found another. Might need another visit from Tony the tool man! I'm getting Amanda fitted for her straight jacket now. Emma had sponge bath and we washed her hair so she is feeling fresh. We took a ride in her wagon looking for Massimo- unsuccessful as the little buggers dodging her. We got out of the wagon and played with lego's in the playroom! Emma's definately feeling a little more comfortable with her new friend (she's named her fixator Ella for now) and has started grabbing it and throwing it around a bit by herself- yeah! She took her "spicy" medicine for the first today... thank goodness as she will need it when we get out of her! She's waiting for a special visitor now. Will keep you posted!

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