Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 2 PM

Emma's day got better. She took a trip downstairs in her wagon (pic below) to make a bear that has a "cast" just like her. She was hoping to see Massimo but he was nowhere to be found. A little later she had visitors! She got to see her sisters and they were all so excited to be together. Maddie had so many questions for her that I don't think she heard one answer (sounds a little like mom but more like Auntie Kerri). Emma answered them all even if Maddie wasn't waiting for the answer. They just seemed content to have a conversation like two old ladies at bingo that forgot their hearing aides. Teagan was happy giving Emma a kiss then moving things back to normal- stealing anything that was important to Em, using her potty (pretty much fully potty trained now- yahoo!) and getting into everything and anything that she wasn't suppose to! Grammie and Gramp got their loves in and pulled Maddie and TT out just before a big meltdown as it was dinner time. Emma and Maddie both cried as they didn't want to leave each other- so sad but so cute at the same time. Meme and Aunt Nonie got there loves as well and dropped off a bucket full of fun (thank you Carter and Brady- Auntie LaLa and Uncle Mike). Funny story Uncle Mike- Em was signing some messed up version of How Bingo Got His Name or Old McDonald and I serious told the nurse that we may need to drop her dose a little... until Amanda butted in and said no, no- that's the version Uncle Mike was signing to her the other day. Then we were walking everyone out (Emmy in her wagon) and we walked by Massimo's room. We were invited in and Emma's day was complete (Mommy and Daddy's too as Massimo's parents just happen to own a winery in Napa and offered up some FINE wines and a nice cheese spread!)- big thanks to the Buoncristiani's as it was just what the doctor ordered! Check their winery at:
Day 2 is complete as mom and Em are snuggled in bed, fast asleep.

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  1. So happy to hear..that Emma had a good rest of her day. With all the excitement..and visitors...hope she had a good night's sleep as well. :) cf