Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 62- Murphy

Tuesday 4/30/13

We have all missed Murphy! He's kind of like Curious George- always getting himself in trouble but you can't help but love him anyway! Of the girls, Em definitely misses him the most.

I felt I needed to give some love to the poor guy as he's been getting in a little extra trouble as of late. A few days ago, we received an update from the Remy's that Murphy is a huge supporter of the Girl Scouts. I was not surprised in the least bit when Trina explained that Murphy decided to test out Alice's Girl Scout cookies. I mean can you really blame him... those things are delicious! Then I get an update that Murphy decided to brown bag it today. Murph thought it was awful nice of one of the workers at Trina's, to fix him a lunch and leave it around for him to help himself too. Trina said he was lucky the guy liked him... I think I'm lucky that Auntie Trina made the guy a better lunch than he had! Don't fall into the trap of those guys blaming everything on my dog so they get the home cooking!

So, like everyone's favorite monkey, Murphy gets away with pretty much whatever he wants. Sorry Auntie Trina... but I do need to ask, why doesn't he get in trouble when your away? I'll leave Arnaud or Oreo to answer that question for us.

Mom was very excited to see him but was a little bummed out that he gave her the cold shoulder when she left.

Tonight we had a more relaxing dinner with the Benson's at our place. Our girls didn't want to see them go and we are now getting the questions of... when are we going back to NH???

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