Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 44- New Toe Plate

Friday 4/12/13

Em got a new toe plate. Well not really a toe plate- more like toe saddles! After PT, Em and I went to see Mary who makes Em's toe supports. Her toe plate has been the pink thing that you may have seen strapped to her foot in some of the pictures. This is to support her toes so they don't curl down during lengthening. Mary made a little arts and crafts project using pipe cleaners and little suede loops that secure onto a bracket on her fixator to put her toes in. We'll see how this goes...

We met up with Kim, Hannah and Kinley at a festival in Jupiter. Cool little spot outside of Roger Dean Stadium that was like a meal on wheels street fair. The girls had fun hanging out until the rain came. We picked up and moved the show to Cheeseburgers & More. This was like Chuck E Cheese on steroids. I looked forward to getting Em out of there in one piece and just hoped not to lose Teagan. All was good and we listened to Hannah, Hannah, Hannah all the way home!

Congrats to Tianlang Guan the 14 year old Chinese phenomenon for making the cut at the Masters- incredible! I guess I should have been on the golf course as a kid instead stealing my dads beer and dirty magazines.

Trina- my editor in chief- is on vacation this week. As I've stated, I do all this from my phone so I've been told when I post pictures they look kind of silly until she cleans it up. She's usually always there to make me look good but I guess even Superwoman needs a vacation now and again. So I apologize for the lack of pictures but hope to get my act together soon for you.

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  1. Eric, I am sad to admit you don't need me anymore! I don't need to make you look good, you do it pretty well on your own. xoxo Trina
    (I will do a little housekeeping when I get back anyway!!)