Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 40- What happened today...

Monday 4/8/13

Ok so we've made it to our 40th day. I think you've heard enough of the minute to minute detail of our daily journey... Don't get me wrong, there will still be a daily post or someone would probably commit me and I want Em to know what each day was like but I'll try to spare you the daily norms. I may touch on them here and there but you get the idea. Anyway, we all know that we woke up this morning, so if I leave that out just know we did. We all know Em has PT daily and she's the best at everything so if I leave out our PT visits, just know that we went. We all know that Maddie has school each day until noon, so just know where she was (actually this is new info as I didn't know until this morning!). We all know Teagan bit someone, pulled someone's hair or pooped in the potty, on the stairs or wherever she happened to be, so if I leave that out, just know it happened. Know that Grammie did the dishes, the laundry, vacuumed, dusted, swept the floor 5 times, picked up after the kids 10 times, may have made lunch or dinner or both, searched the house high and low for something someone lost, bought something someone needed, smoked 10 cigarettes and just had another relaxing day. Know that Mom ran around and got all the kids dressed, did their hair, made their breakfast, lunch and dinner, took the kids to the pool, put them down for naps, drove Maddie to school and picked her up, maybe escaped for a little retail therapy at Target or Marshall's only (Dad's rule!), did baths and got them in bed all while Dad worked, fished or played golf. Life is good!

So the update for today... The tooth fairy came and gave Maddie a pop and a little play mobile baby and carriage that she wanted and took her tooth. The taking of the tooth was a new one for me. My teeth have never been pretty, even when I had my own, so I guess she leaves the ugly ones behind... I couldn't believe she didn't leave any money though. Then I heard from the fairy princess this morning that she couldn't find the prince's wallet last night but when Maddie got up from her nap and showed me where the fairy had left her toys we found a old $5 bill stuck between the matress and headboard that must have fallen out of her tooth fairy pillow holder thingy. Maddie was thrilled!

In other news, Grammie threaten to leave us. It was only a matter of time before the house got a little small and the wife and mother-in-law came to blows... I stepped in and sat them both down in seperate corners and explained that... your not buying any of this are you? The real story goes like this- Grammie told us that she needed to home to get her hair done. I told her she was crazy and she couldn't leave. I guess she believed me or was afraid the choirs would be out of control when she returned that she found a hairdresser down here and got her hair done today, which looks fabulous too (yes I had to say that!)

Special Deliveries:
Em wants to thank her cousin Gunner and his classmates for sending her a special package. Each student made a beautiful card and wrote a personal note to Emma. She loved each and every one of them however I made her pick a favorite. Of course, Gunner's was her favorite so I had to take his away for this exercise (sorry buddy) and asked her to pick her next favorite. Riley's card took 2nd place, which she's holding in the picture. The card has a picture of a very cool sun and turtle, Em's favorite, and reads:
Dear Emma,
Hello my name is Riley. I'm in Gunnar's class. I heard about your leg and I feel bad. I can't imagine going through that at age 3. You are a lot braver than me.

There is no need to feel bad Riley as Emma is as tough as nails and is getting longer and stronger everyday! Thank you all so much for thinking of Em and taking the time to make something so special for her. She will cherish these very thoughtful gifts for the rest of her life.

Matt and Meg- I thank you for the humongous chocolate chip cookies! The girls only make it through half at most and Dad eats the rest. I'm not sure who made those but Tasha B has some competition. However, I'd need another batch from the both of you to possibly declare a winner! Thanks M&M!

Vanderhoof's- Erica- We are sure that you enjoyed buying some pink and want you to know that you succeeded in making 3 little girls very happy. Teagan loved the band aides. Em loved the book (how could you not love a book called "Emma's Lamb"). Maddie loved the bracelets and the pocketbooks were a huge hit for all 3! Thank you!


  1. Love the pics but I want to see Grammies hair too!!! :) xo

  2. So happy Em liked the cards! Hugs and kisses to all!

  3. OB, name the kind of cookie and I will ship some down!

  4. Eric....please do not leave too much out of your blogs. I laugh and..yes..cry along with with You..Emma..and your whole Beautiful Family! I find myself...looking forward to each adventure. Eric...You are an Amazing, Loving, Stong Man/Dad/Husband/Son!!!!! Yes...I would have loved to Mom/Grammie's new "do" also. Please give her my Love! I share your blogs with Madeleine as often as possible. Sadly she is now living with Nancy so we don't get to visit as often. Keep up the Good Work!!! Carol F

  5. Matt appreciates you thinking that he possibly made those cookies, but alas it was me. He was quality control manager though. As you know Eric, this is a very important role in these things!
    Sounds like there is a cookie-off in the making. From what i hear, Tasha you could whip me in this one! But glad the cookies were enjoyed all the same! We miss you guys and Amanda, excited to see you in a few short weeks for your 24 hour getaway! xox Meg and Matt