Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 45- Eliza

Saturday- 4/13/13

Happy Birthday Great Grampa. It's my Grandfather's 89th birthday today (Grammie and Meme's dad- yes Uncle Leon's, Aunt Mereyln's, Teri's and Deb's too and more grandchildren and great grandchildren and probably great great grandchildren, than him or I could count- Nana knows it by heart and could probably name them in chronological order or alphabetical order if you asked. We love and miss you Grampa/Great Grampa!

Maddie and Em have both turned into little fish. It still amazes me that Em can actually swim! When her anchor comes off, she'll be tough to beat in the pool.

We went to visit Eliza, Em's favorite turtle, at the turtle sanctuary today. Eliza had a bandage around her shell swimming around in her tank and Em hung out in front of the viewing window explaining to everyone how Eliza was bitten by a shark and how her Super Brace was making her longer and stronger! I think most of the people thought Em was referring to herself as she told the story's of the shark bite! Pretty funny as Amanda, Grammie and I just stood back and watched the people's reactions. They didn't know who she belonged to and to hear the things they said was quite amusing. It was Turtle Fest today, so they had all kinds of activities going on. The girls had a blast listen to music, making bubbles and eating ice cream!

We then were headed to see our cousin- "Baby John" as Em calls him, play baseball at Roger Dean Stadium but the thunderstorms rolled in and washed out the game. We all were very bummed but we'll catch a game soon enough as he makes his journey to the BIGS! Leo swinging for the fences kid!

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