Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 36- Papa Pig

Thursday 4/4/13

Em had Laura at PT today. Laura was great with her and concurred with Don on Em's progression! Emma's doing great. Laura did say she was a little tight in the back of her knee and I mentioned the mishap of the strut change from yesterday. She told me to mention it to Dr. Paley at our visit tomorrow just to be sure there was no damage done. So one more worry on my head until tomorrow. Em confessed her love for Laura before going to bed tonight and wants to see her tomorrow. Don has some competition!

After PT, Em had a little lunch and pool party with her friends. Mandy and Grace came over along with Jordan and his grandparents, Tom and Sandy. Jordan had his first surgery last summer and has returned for some rehabilitation. It's a small world as the Burke's are the one's renting their house here. Actually, it's not all that small of a world as it's one big family here, all with similar struggles, trying to help each other out. I've had the pleasure to speak with Tom and Sandy at PT appointments and they are similar to my own grandparents in the way of loving their grandchildren and doing everything and anything that may be called upon them to help and support their little ones. So to my Grampa and Nana, I thank you for ALL you did for me growing up as it represents who I am today (just the good side of course) and to Nana and Papa Pig, I know Jordan will have the same gratitude and love for you, for all that you have done for him. You may have also adopted some more grandchildren this afternoon as Maddie and Em are still talking about their Papa Pig! We thank you for visiting and sharing Jordan with us. It will be sad to say "see you later" tomorrow as they are returning home to TX but goodbyes from this place are a good thing as it means you are moving forward in this process. We will keep in touch and look forward to seeing you again somewhere along this journey or in NH if you ever want to come for a visit.

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