Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 39- Tooth Fairy

Sunday 4/7/13

I swam with the girls this morning and Mom took over water duty after lunch as I had a date with a golf course! Right before I left Maddie came running out of the pool to give me something... her tooth! congrats Maddie- now I need to learn the going rate for the tooth fairy!

I met up with Scotty to play a relaxing round of golf. Little story for you- so I hit a perfect drive down the middle of the fairway, drive up to my ball and hit the next one right in the water (no punch line yet). They say ya gotta clear head and just hit the ball, like the waters not even there, right? I tried, I really did but I knew what was behind me and not having eyes in the back of my head really just made me want to get back in the cart and take a gator on that hole (see below)! Thanks for a great day Scotty and safe travels back to NH!

The girls spent the day at the pool and then Maddie had a play date with Hannah at her house (we haven't stopped hearing about it)! Thanks for taking her Kim! I got the girls in the tub and then off to bed anxiously awaiting the tooth fairy!

Special Delivery: Thank you Rachael! The girls loved their PEZ, book, stickers and arts and crafts! Very thoughtful!

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