Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 43- Aero Bed vs. Everyone's Bed?

Thursday- 4/11/13

Mom and Dad woke up to Maddie, Em and Teagan in the bed at 5am. I would have thought I was at home if Murphy was there too! Might be time to head back to the aero bed!

Best thing for me today was I can see again! It's been about a week and a half since Teagan threw away my last pair of contacts and I finally made it to the eye doctor. Thank you Kelly!

Second best thing was the start of the Masters! Mom and I have been discussing how we have been completely out of the loop on world news and TV in general. Every room has a TV in it but also a sleeping kid. We have the living room back now that Em has moved to Maddie's room or should I say Mom and Teagan's room!

Hannah came over to play and had dinner. She's so cute and helpful. Guess what Teagan's new favorite word is... you guessed it. Hannah, Hannah, Hannah! We either need to adopt her or name the next girl after her... one or the other better come pretty quick!

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