Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 38- Can Em swim?

Saturday 4/6/13

I snuck out this morning to help the Burke's load up their trailer as the girls kicked around the house. When the Burke's were loaded up, they came over for lunch and final "see ya laters" and off they went. We made plans to see them when they return at the end of the month which won't come soon enough for my girls or Mom and Dad for that matter. The good think is our calendar seems to be filling up with visitors which we are so excited for.

After lunch Mom, Maddie and Em hit the pool while T took a nap. Maddie found her BFF Hannah which always makes her day! Dad did some work and then hit the pool as well. I've been telling the girls I'm allergic to water all this time but today they got me in the pool. It's amazing to watch Maddie really swim. She's turning into a little fish! Of course, Em wants to impress as well and do what her sister does so I let her. I stand about 5 feet away as she jumps off the stairs and swims to me. No kidding- she swims to me! I move back to about 10 feet and she does it again and again and again. She can swim with her Super Brace!

I went home and made some dinner for the kids. Grammie had T up and in her bathing suit and they went to the pool. I brought dinner over there and the kids at with Hannah and Kinley and then back for another round of swimming. We packed up close to 7pm and went home to Skype with Lori, Mike, Carter and Meme! The girls loved it but are missing Braddon as he was at a friends house. We are looking forward to them visiting in a few weeks!!! Scotty came over for a visit with girls and hung out while we put them down, then he brought us out for a little dinner and some drinks while Grammie listened for the kids. We met up with some friends of his that I'd met in the past (Dave and Kelly) and enjoyed a night out on the town. Dave's in school getting his PT degree and has spent some time at the Paley Institute and Kelly is an eye doctor in the area. I bring this up as Teagan decided to throw away all the contacts that I brought and I need an annual eye exam to get more! I'll be seeing (no pun intended) Kelly soon and we hope Dave can stop over to do a little evaluation on Em! Thank you Scotty!

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