Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 34- Check Out My Kicks!

Tuesday 4/2/13

Em and I had a great day at PT then we went to get her new shoe (her old shoe with a lift added). She was so excited and couldn't wait to put it on to look just like Gracie! Once she got it on, she asked if we could go to Grace's house to show her. I told her she would see her for dinner and Em was ok with that.

The girls went swimming in the afternoon and then down for nap. They all woke up just in time to get out the door to meet the Burke's for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. They were so excited to meet Gracie's older sister Sidney and their cousin Cia a znra who are visiting while on spring break. Dinner was mayhem as usually with the OBrien girls causing all the uproar. It was nice to somewhat relax and chat with Kevin and Mandy while trying not to lose a kid or two. Grammie had her hands full chaqqz8
Paasing Teagan and just for the record, I'm pretty sure Teagan could take Grammie down in a race! After dinner we caused a ruckus at the ice cream shop to give the kids a little sugar high before bed. We said our goodbyes to the Burke's, for now, and off to bed.

Update on Em- she is still on her pain med every 4 hours during the night- like clock work- waking up from a dead sleep complaining of pain. It's been a little easier lately to get her to wake up enough to actually take her medicine and get back to sleep. I'm doing her strut turning throughout the day for the most part as I thought that may have been some of the pain issue but hasn't seemed to matter. I'm still doing her pin cleaning at night while she sleeps and it seems to be getting the job done well enough. We take Epsom salt baths every 2-3 nights which helps along with her swimming in the pool a bunch. I think we'll start hitting the beach in the evenings to get her in the salt water as the weather is getting warmer. We have an appt on Friday with Dr. Paley which will hopefully put my mind at ease that everything is going as well as everyone is telling me.

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  1. Loving all these photos!! Grace and Emma are so adorable together! xoxoTrina