Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 47- What is wrong with the world?

Monday- 4/15/13- NOT FOR CHILDREN!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims, their families and to the City of Boston.

Can someone's mind be so weak to truly believe they are serving a higher power with this bullshit or that they are putting themselves in a better position when they meet their maker? Please stop reading if you feel I may offend you as I vent my frustration with this nonsense and graphically describe what I would do to this nutless prick. What a senseless act of cowardliness. I would like nothing more than to personally hunt this weak, mindless, piece of no good garbage down and bring him back to the place he hurt so many to have each hair and nail pulled ever so slowly out of his body and stoned to not quite death by each and every one of the families that he has caused pain to, then to be tar and feathered... just because... and to finally be put slowly to death by quartering. Yes, I may be sick and twisted and yes, I do believe in an eye for an eye in this case. I don't want explanations or answers from this clown as they would most likely only be programmed psycho babble from some other wacko. Some will say, its that some other wacko's fault, this guy didn't have a chance or a choice. I call bullshit on that and say start at the top of this rant- he who did this is a coward... a weak and mindless piece of cow dung that I would love to fry like a pig on an open spit or better yet like they did William Wallace which was to castrated him and then pull his intestines out and burn him while he was still alive. These medieval forms of torture don't come close to the pain he has caused and wouldn't replace any of the lives or limbs that have been lost but I would somehow feel a little bit of satisfaction knowing that he could only possibly feel sorry for all the pain he had caused during these last moments on earth.


  1. Don't hold back Eric! Most of us agree with you! So, how is the family doing today?
    Love you, Auntie Pat

  2. Totally agree with you Eric!

  3. You and I are on the same page Eric....I would so enjoy them go through it..... WELL SAID!!!! Carol Frazier