Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 54- The Green's are here!

Monday 4/22/13

Teagan has been running around the house saying Carter, Carter, Carter (when she's not saying Hannah, Hannah, Hannah). Em and I picked Uncle Mike, La La, Carter and Braden at the airport and La La joined us at PT. Don was off today so it wasn't one of Em's best play times (actually probably the worst). I picked Maddie up at school and she couldn't wait to get home to see the boys! All the girls were over the moon. Everyone went to the pool for a swim and then met up with Aunt Jill and Seany. Uncle Mike cooked us all dinner and all the kids played (well almost all- Brady crashed out after the pool and wasn't feeling very well). We are all looking forward to hanging out with all the cousins this week!

Special Deliveries:

Maddie wants to thank everyone for thinking of her on her birthday!!! I've missed some special deliveries which I'll try to catch up on here:

Michelle and Caleb- thank you for the Barbie and the card! Em and Maddie were talking about the sleep over before going to bed last night and how they can't wait to do it again! Em has a Caleb in PT with her so she says she has 2 Caleb's! They miss you!!!

Mema and Boppa- Maddie loved her mouse house!

Thank you Nana and Grammie Marilyn for the money!!! Oh yeah- the cards too!

Better pictures to come... but check out Uncle Mike!

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