Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 42- A Real Bed!

Wednesday 4/10/13

Grammie found 3 important things that have been missing today! It might be time to bring Grammie and Meme together for a competitive Easter egg hunt!

Maddie has another wiggly tooth! Uncle Mike, you might get to pull one out after all!

I heard from the Burke's who said Gracie's doing well but reality "sucks". Reality, meaning the daily grind of dealing with the "man".

Don made Em cry today. He took a measurement of the flexation in her hip - measurements aren't fun as they always push it to the limits. Oh course Em fights the stretch instead of relaxing which makes it hurt more. Anyway, 30 seconds of tears and she's back smiling and making Don a sandwich (her favorite toy at PT- basket full of felt like sandwich items).

Em slept in Maddie's room for the first time last night! Yahoo! I'm hoping this means no more blow up mattresses for me! It went well, although Mom did go sleep with her for a little bit in the middle of the night but overall a great night.

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