Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 41- Grampa Ron

Tuesday 4/9/13

I'm working away and Em comes in the room and starts chatting about Grampa and I being in heaven and him staying up there and how she wants him to come down but she knows he's with her. So let me back up a bit- My dad passed last summer and I was fortunate to spend a good amount of time with before he went. After he passed Maddie and Em learned a little more about heaven and a little more about Swanzey as they thought these two places were one in the same which cracks me up everytime I think about it. They also learned a little about saying prayers in which they prayed for Grampa each night. Em always ended her prayer with some version that included the following: "Grampa you stay up there, ok and watch me, ok and make me ok, ok. Love you Grampa Won" (the same way Grampa said Ron).

I consider myself more of a spirtual person and won't bore you with my beliefs. I only mention this because the first night Em spent in the hospital after surgery, I asked her if she wanted to say a prayer. She looked at me a little funny, paused and then said "I don't need to". I felt Grampa there at that moment and wondered if she did too but just said "of course you don't" and she went to sleep. The exact same conversation between Em and I took place the following two nights, however on that last night in the hospital she said "I don't have to cause he's here". I stopped asking if she wanted to pray after that night and all was good.

Back to present... Em comes in the room after her nap as I'm working away and says "Dad, you know when you and Grampa were in heaven and you came back, when's Grampa coming back?" I told her, "Grampa's in heaven watching over you and making sure your ok." She says, "He can't see me right now." I said, "he see's you all the time and will always look after you." She said, "Uh-uh, I'm hiding". I told her, "he's the only one you can't hide from." She said, "When will he come back from heaven to see me?" "When he feels better?" I explain that he's all better now and it's his job to make sure she feels better. She said "but he already did that, I'm all better, can he come see me now." "He doesn't have to talk". Explanation-Grampa lost his speech due to a stroke a few months before he passed. Em would make him laugh by trying to help him say words or look at him real funny and say "what u say Grampa". Anyway, I'm at loss for words at this point and almost in tears so I tell her that he will come visit her, although she won't be able to see him but he'll let her know he's there. She says, "like in the hospital." I said, "Exactly" and she walked out of the room. Em goes out in the hall and starts singing a song about seeing Grampa, then a few versus of telling him to stay up there and to make sure he takes care of her which goes on and on for like 5 minutes. Everything goes quiet but her Super Brace clanking down the stairs. I go back to work, then I hear her say, "oh yeah, Amen" and then on to clank down the rest of the stairs. Thanks for visiting Grampa and for taking care of our Emma, we love and miss you!


  1. You just had to make me tear up didn't you! Luv you Eric. You are a kind, brave,loving man. Luv, Auntie Pat

  2. :'( GOD Bless You Eric..... cf

  3. Anne O'Brien-MurphyApril 12, 2013 at 10:29 PM

    Hey Eric I have been following sweet little Emma's journey and glad to see the wonderful pics of your beautiful little girls! I know exactly what you are dealing with and telling the kids about their angel in heaven watching over them. It happens almost daily here at my house as well as I am sure you already know...I love you and miss talking to you. Take care of those sweet babies! Your loving cousin, Anne