Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 35- Final Struts Changed

Wednesday 4/3/13

Em had her last 3 struts changed out today. This completes the strut changes. Basically these struts are long enough to give us the full 5cm we are looking to lengthen. This process, which takes all of 5 minutes, is suppose to be simple and painless in which it was the first time around. This one was going well until after the second strut was changed and Em started to whimper. Mark said it was probably just where he placed the clamp to hold the fixator in place, so he changed positions and finished the 3rd strut. Em still wasn't happy as I carried her out and the tears where rolling. I knew something wasn't right so I got her in the car and pulled up her turning schedule (each day has a number for each struts position). I found that the #2 strut was in the same position as the #1 strut and the schedule showed that strut #2 shouldn't be in that position until a week from now. Mark had mistakenly turned strut #2, four millimeter or seven days ahead of schedule. I simply turned the strut backwards until it was where it should be and within a few minutes all was good again. I'm hoping there are no set backs due to this and everything seems fine now, so we are just keeping our fingers crossed.

Special Deliveries:
Thank you Chrissy and Violet for the Easter baskets with bubbles, stickers, paints, balls and wind up toys! Along with suitcase and the huge ass doll! That's Jake and the girls have dinner on the package- hood style!
Thank you Riso's for the animal families and card stickers. The girls are fighting over who's families who's all day long and Em makes sure I have HER turtle family when we leave for PT.

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