Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 31- Breakfast with the Bunny!

Saturday 3/30/13

Grampa Sid showed up this morning to join us at the zoo for breakfast with the bunny! Breakfast was ok, Easter Bunny was good, Easter Egg Hunt was great but checking out the animals (once again) was probably the best. I think the girls just love the fact that their big cous Karlie's around!

The Cunningham's came down and picked up Karlie (so sad!), the girls took a nap and mom went to buy a few things as we were invited to a special event tomorrow. I'll fill ya in more tomorrow if it becomes reality.

Grammie and Grampa brought us out for dinner at the Sailfish Marina. The girls love feeding the fish and the gift shop while the adults love the food! We had a nice dinner and got back home to prepare for the Easter Bunny!

Better pictures to come but needed to put something on here!

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  1. Happy Easter to everyone. Love you all, Auntie Pat.