Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 79- Yahoo!!!!!! DETAILS!!!!

Friday 5/17/13

Grampa Sid came down this morning to help pack up if we got good news. Mima and Boppa came over to help out with Maddie and Teagan while Mom and I went to PT and our anticipated final doctors appt.  I dropped Mom and Em off and they got Em's pictures taken and then went to PT, as I dropped off a key to our house with realtor and then back to catch up with them at PT.

Em was excited but sad to say goodbye to Don, Laura and Carolina.  She gave Don a card with some pictures and a little gift. Em received a t-shirt that says "I survived ...Paley Rehab!"  Hugs, kisses and c-ya soons and off to our appt!  

We caught up with Caroline and Jennifer (both great woman and just two of the many who run Dr. Paley's show).  Caroline gave us the inside scoop on her planning of the big Paley Foundation event that will be held in December at Mar-A-Lago (Trump's place) and then a party at Dr. Paley's house. With Em being the poster child for the event, we got the invite!  Dr. Paley walked in as we were discussing this and Caroline told him she thought she should reach out to MJ, as he has ties within the community and Paley said, give him a call... They were talking about Micheal Jordan (Air Jordan, His Airness, #23...), this place never seems to stop amazing me!  I gotta give Mr. Trump a call and see if he can pull some strings at Trump National (he should know someone!) and set up a tee time for himself, MJ, ME (Eric OBrien) and Phil Mickelson (or anyone else those 2 would like to play with would be fine by me).  OK- my pipe dream is over but I'm just saying- I could humor these boys for 4 hours!  Anyway, back to the appt... Dr. Paley chats it up and Em gives him a collage of her journey.

First thing he said was, "What was I thinking with that facial hair? My wife made me do it".  That made me laugh... needless to say he complimented it and asked Caroline to hang it in the hall for all to see. Then he sat down, looked at the X-rays, did his measurements and turned around and smiled saying we've exceeded our goal of 5cm!  The only issue he had was that Em's right knee MAY be what's considered a little "knocked knee" or turned in.  He explained that it may just be the x-ray but regardless it's nothing to be concerned about.  He will take a look at it when we have the fixator (Super Brace) removed and if the knee is turned in, he will insert an "8 plate" at that time which is inserted into the knee for about a year and then removed which will correct it.  I remember Kevin mentioning Grace having this done so I relied on him to educate me once again. He explained the process and that Grace actually has two- 1 in her ankle and 1 in her knee and there is nothing to be concerned about so therefore I'm not (see Gracie's x-ray of her 8 plate in her knee). 

Thank you Burke's once again for setting our minds at ease and being our full back.  We'll take the lead in the next one!

So I asked Dr. Paley the timeline from here which goes something like this:
Tape up all the Struts as turning is complete
Go home with the Super Brace on and do PT until removed
June 17th have X-ray done and email to Dr. Paley
July 17th have X-ray done and email to Dr. Paley
Prior to Aug 1st return to have fixator removed and 8 plate insertrd (if necessary) which will be done at the same time and have a cast put on 
Prior to Sept 1st return to have cast removed (possibly have removed in NH and email X-ray's
Sept (after cast removal) until necessary continue PT
First week of December return for follow up (Foundation Event and Party as well)
July 2014 return for follow up and have 8 plate removed 
Yearly follow up until next lengthening which is estimated to be 7 years from now.

Once again, hugs, kisses and c-ya soons to all and off to tell everyone the good news- of course, the Burke's were the first to know with virtual (text) high fives, hugs and kisses going on!  Back at the home front, we decided to relieve Grammie of her 77 day stay of being a full time maid, butler, chauffeur, nanny, mom or just "Gammy" as Teagan would say- to name a few.  Thank you Mom, Mom-In-Law and Gammy for everything you have done for us as we couldn't have done it without you!!!  Oh yeah and Nurse Katie asked Em today (who is either a blog reader or listens to Em's Grammie stories) to ask Grammie if she could have Grammie as hers too... Em said NO.

Finally to wrap up day, the girls, Mima and Boppa went for a swim and hung out with Kim, Kinley and guessed it- Hannah, Hannah, Hannah!  They all came back for dinner and the girls were destined to get their sleep over. All went perfectly!!!

(Sorry for the horrible picture but best I could get in the dark!)

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