Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 64- Happy Birthday Mommy

Thursday 5/2/13

It poured cats and dogs all day... another one of those sayings that really doesn't do it for me. I think Mom was a little bummed as she was stuck inside for her birthday. The day got better when the girls made mom some cupcakes and sang happy birthday. Then we piled into the loser cruiser to pick up the Norman's at the airport who came bearing gifts. The girls love elevators and hotels so we walked them up to their room, hung out and opened presents! They loved their bracelets- Thank you! We scooted the girls home to bed and Shan, Josh, Mom and I went for Sushi in downtown West Palm! Mom was happy and all was right in the world!

Special Deliveries:

Brook's- Thank you so much for all the pool toys. The girls love the goggles, dive sticks (especially the fishy one!), squirt guns and blasters. The perfect package! We hope all is going well with baby momma- can't wait to meet the twins!!!

Metell's- thanks for all the fun activities! Madison loves her cupcake clutch

Gray's- Amanda thanks you for her cupcakes!!! These were cupcakes in mason jars- such a cool idea!

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