Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 77- Frank's House

Wednesday 5/15/13

Frank and Jake hosted a neighborhood party tonight! I walked into a livingroom full of girls and Jake and a kitchen full of women and Frank... I think I ruined both of their nights! Then George and Scott showed up so I didn't feel so bad. Frank made great steaks and chicken on the grill and everyone else complimented with some side dishes. Great grub guys- Thank you!!!

Story time: After dinner the kids were ready to play in the street. This is a quiet neighborhood where everyone drives slow as most people have kids or are old, so usually nothing to worry about. Unless a cat jumps off the roof and onto your windshield and you freak out and run into your own garage... or ... Your sitting in your livingroom on a quiet Sunday afternoon watching a little tv and taking a nap only to be shaken to the floor from someone driving through the middle of a traffic circle and into the front of your house! Yes, both have happened in this time that we have been here and I won't sell anyone out but we obviously need an enforcer. Naturally, Frank has taken on the role as the Street Nazi as he lives on the corner to our street. He puts the turtle holding the flag out in the street along with the tripod that says "I'll kick your arse if you speed" or maybe "slow down". Either way, he's our protector and he's not a petite man so most wouldn't get out of their car to mess with him. Anyway, returning to the story, the kids are playing as they always do and I come out of my place to find a car parked in the middle of the road and some guy in Frank's face. I thought I was back in Swanzey so I run over to cold conch this guy and all I hear is Frank saying, "Hit me, go ahead hit me". So I decide to save this guys teeth and kindly escort him back to his car and ask him to go back to wherever he came from. We got all the kids inside the house, the guy leaves and then we see him walking back toward us from down the street.  All ended well and it made the night that much more memorable!

Special Gift: Emma complimented Lauren  on her beautiful sea glass necklace and Lauren proceeded to take it off and put it on Emma and told her that it was her's to keep as something to always remember her adventure in FL.  So sweet and Thank you!!!

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