Monday, December 9, 2013


First let me apologize for the lack of updates since we returned home!  Amanda's done such a great job with the Facebook updates, I really didn't see the need to continue on with this. Trina on the other hand thought much differently hitting me with a few of the following quotes:

You need to do an update!
You have left everyone hanging!
People are wondering what's going on!

As Trina now knows, the more you want the less you get with me! So if you need to place blame, Trina can handle it! 

Anyway, we are in inpatiently waiting for Em to come out of surgery and be Super Brace free!  Em has gone back and forth with not wanting her Super Brace removed and being excited about it.  Her requests were pretty simple- a pink cast and Rootbeer- I think we can handle that!

More to come!!!

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  1. You are bad and that is why we like you! Welcome back! ;)