Sunday, July 14, 2013

Grace (NOT EMMA) is Super Brace Free


So I've been told I need to clarify something!!! Emma is still in her Super Brace. Grace (her BFF or twin sister as Em called her this morning) had her Super Brace removed yesterday and is doing great!!! Grace has been Em's pioneer through all this and is a month and a half ahead of Em in her journey. One reason I update on her process is that I love her like my own and the other is so we can look ahead to what the future holds.

Grace is in a full leg cast and is weight bearing! I just received a little video of her walking with her walker!!! Go Gracie Go! She's expected to be in the cast for a month and then begin PT.  Picture below of Grace and her newly decorated (all by herself) Super Cast! So Cute!!!

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